Doing Time With Charlie

ISBN: 978-1937756956

Author: Kay Page


Honoring a friend lost suddenly to cancer and his devotion to prison ministry, Kay began to share letters of encouragement with an inmate who was a one of the leaders of Christian inmates at Maine State Prison.

Sentenced to life, Charlie had already spent 25 years behind bars. Until now, Kay believed prison to be frightening, that men in prison deserved to be there—they were dangerous—they could never change. Yet, the more Kay exchanged letters with Charlie, the more she learned about his life and eventually became his bride.

In Doing Time With Charlie, Kay Page tells how doing time as a prison wife can be almost as painful as for the men inside. The loneliness, the long drives, the struggles with prison rules. This is the story of a husband and wife sentenced to life…till death do us part.

Retail Price: $15.99