Dry Bones, A Jamie Storm Novel

Dry Bones cover
ISBN: 978-1940269351

Author: Carole Morden


In this fast-paced murder mystery, pastor’s wife Jamie Storm is drawn out of the safety of her kitchen and into a world of danger when a dear friend from high school is murdered. Jamie learns she has inherited her friend’s estate, making her the number-one suspect in the murder.

With her skill set as a pastor’s wife pressed to the brink, Jamie, with the help of some old friends, sets out to solve the crime. Jamie is forced do things she never realized she was capable of when tracking the killer. But as Jamie closes in on the killer, the killer closes in on her.

Dry Bones focuses on seven friends, one unholy alliance, and a desperate race for the truth.

Author Bio

Carole Morden was raised in a log cabin built by her uncles and dad in 1936 in the Cabinet range of the Rocky Mountains of Montana. The town of Plains was five miles from the cabin and she looked forward to the family’s two weekly trips to town. Sunday for church and Monday to go to the library. Her love for reading, particularly fiction took her to worlds far beyond the mountains.

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