DWJD: Do What Jesus Did

Author: Richard Spillman


A line of jewelry emblazoned with the letters WWJD still rides a crest of popularity with Christians. “What Would Jesus Do?” is a great question, but the answer is of little value if you aren’t willing to take the next step and Do What Jesus Did. DWJD explores what it means to do what Jesus did. It is to answer what may very well be the most important questions we could ever ask:

How can we be like Jesus?

Exactly how can we do what Jesus did while He was on Earth?

What did He do that was so different?

Why is it so difficult to follow His path?

How can we make His life and His choices, our lives and our choices?

Being like Jesus is a tall order, requiring a special commitment, but it is the ultimate fulfillment of the Gospels. It begins with an encounter with Jesus. We must know Him before we can become like Him. Some might argue it’s impossible to do what Jesus did—but the Bible teaches otherwise. Jesus said we would do what He did. Paul called us to be imitators of Jesus; so did Peter, and the author of Hebrews. In DWJD, Richard Spillman explores what it means not only to accept Jesus, but to allow Him to be your role model. Learn how to pray like Jesus prayed, love like Jesus loved, serve like Jesus served, and forgive like Jesus forgave.