Equipping The Warrior Woman

Author: Valerie Ellery


Today’s challenges are like never before, women are attacked physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually with their health, schedules, jobs, words, actions, and relationships. Valerie Ellery is challenging women everywhere to wake up the warrior within them and to get dressed to live victorious lives! Equipped properly, these women will learn to stand up and overcome these attacks. By becoming a ‘Warrior Woman’ and learning that “know means no,” Ellery teaches that you must KNOW how to have your armor shine with radiance so that there is NO way to become rusty, weak, or defeated!

This manual for the 21st Century woman gives practical applications to identify ways to restore your vision while showing you how to take the necessary steps of action to fulfill your purpose in life with passion and peace. Wake up daughters of the King! It’s time to get dressed, take your stand, and become the Warrior Woman that is needed in these end times!