Fatal Drift: Is the Church Losing Its Anchor?

Fatal Drift cover
ISBN: 9781940269306

Author: Jim Jenkins


Without proper instrumentation, it doesn’t take long to drift off course. And not since the Protestant Reformation has the Christian church been so at risk for capsizing. Postmodernism and the church’s response to it have produced a hesitation . . . and in some cases, an outright disdain for the notion that there is only one true God, and one way of salvation. In an attempt to placate rather than preach, more and more churches and institutions are adopting a stance that is no stance at all.

Fatal Drift chronicles this slow surrender to the spirit of the age, and the inevitable trajectory of such accommodation. Drawing from over three decades of pastoral experience, Jim Jenkins shows that the issue is not new, nor should it surprise us. He traces the former battles and staggering prophetic warnings of Francis Schaeffer, Charles Spurgeon, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, among others. From his experiences as a Navy chaplain, Dr. Jenkins demonstrates the critical need for trustworthy instruments while navigating changing conditions.

In the name of tolerance, today’s activists attack the reliability and changeless nature of Scripture. Christian leaders loosen their mooring to the guiding truths of the Bible, in favor of extra-biblical sources that make their message more palatable. The resulting ambiguity is wreaking havoc and leading many to a shipwreck of their faith.

John Warwick Montgomery said, “The church will remain ineffective as long as it has as its spokesmen the people who have been falling all over each other to be ‘relevant.’ Ages of faith are not marked by dialogue but by proclamation.” This is a book about absolutes, in a day when the idea of absolute truth is unpopular. And it’s essential reading for anyone who hopes to avoid losing their way in a sea of false teaching and wayward doctrine.

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