Finding Your Worth in Christ

Finding Your Worth in Christ cover
ISBN: 9781632694362

Author: E. Jennifer Esses, M.D.


A Study of Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene is a prominent biblical figure because her story is one many women can relate to. Jesus literally saved her from herself. As a new believer, Mary’s walk with Jesus allowed her to be present during crucial moments in his ministry and taught her to persevere in moments of crisis. Mary had staying power. She didn’t walk away when God’s plan didn’t make sense or was painful. This in itself warrants an examination of her life through Scripture.

How can we as women become transformed from the inside out through the healing power of Christ? How can this help us walk through difficult and painful life circumstances, unwavering in our faith?

By examining what Scripture tells us about Mary Magdalene, Finding Your Worth in Christ follows her journey of faith, from how it began, to the amazing way it finally culminated; after his resurrection, Christ appeared to Mary first.

This study looks at the seven strongholds most women commonly struggle with—anxiety, depression, rejection, sexual sin, addiction, sickness, and wealth. Like Mary Magdalene, we too can overcome these strongholds through the power of the Holy Spirit, becoming disciples who know our worth in Christ.

Author Bio

Jennifer Esses (BA, MD, Boston University School of Medicine) has been privileged to spend her entire adult life working with and ministering to women. After serving in the USAF, she opened her own obstetrics-gynecology private practice in the Florida Panhandle, where she has lived with her family for over nineteen years.

Her work has allowed her to walk side by side with all types of women through most of life’s struggles, and to observe how intimacy with the Lord and, in particular, a real knowledge of his Word, markedly affects our sense of worth as women. This has made her zealous to impart a biblical understanding of our worth in Christ. Jennifer and her husband, Greg, have two sons and love living close to the beach with all its amenities. In addition to Finding Your Worth in Christ, Jennifer earlier authored My Birth Plan: The Creator Revealed.

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