First Vespers

ISBN: 978-1940269009

Author: David V. Burdick


Years ago, Christian poet David Burdick was stationed far from home, meditating in his room, wondering how he would remain strong for his wife. Would his marriage survive? As he sought comfort in his Bible, God whispered to his heart: “This is your time on the mountain; use it wisely.” Burdick began penning the verses that would become First Vespers. His poetry is true to God’s word, non-denominational, and filled with light and hope. Lavished throughout are photos of classic works of art as well as original colorizations of ancient Bible illustrations.

A note from our author of the month:

When asked to say a few words about being selected as “Author of the month,” my first inkling was to want to compare my experience to being on a spiritual rollercoaster; but the truth is, it has been more like a rocket ride, all up and no down. Since God first put it in my heart to write First Vespers – Spiritual Verses of Hope and Inspiration, I have never looked back. I started on faith; knowing a little bit about God and a little bit about poetry.

I have always been a firm believer in ‘the proof being in the pudding.’ I knew that I might be able to help with the writing, but God would have to do all the work when it came to the publishing because I knew absolutely nothing about it. When the book was finally written after five years, I began looking for a publisher and submitted my manuscript to the first reputable publisher I found. After a few weeks, the publisher contacted me to let me know that he liked the book, but that he now worked exclusively for a group of ancient alien theorists. He asked if he could forward the book to some of his former employees that had now branched off and started their own company. I of course agreed and he forwarded my book to a second publishing company. A few weeks later, I heard from the second publishing company. The woman in charge loved the book, but confessed that she would have a hard time getting behind it because she was a Scientologist. She informed me that she knew a lot of people in publishing circles and asked if she could forward it to a third publisher that she thought might be interested. Again, I agreed. The third publishing company turned out to be one of the leading Christian Publishing Companies in the United States, Deep River Books and they picked it up. If that’s not God at work, I don’t know what is.

I received my first shipment of promotional books on a Thursday and coincidentally had already made arrangements to meet a lady after church that Sunday to hear her testimony for another project I was working on. I decided to give her a copy of First Vespers. As it turned out, Cindy was a Youth Minister at the First Baptist Church on Oak Island and her students were studying the amour of Christ, the subject of my poem, “Psalm 151.” That very night, Cindy recited my poem to her youth group. Imagine that, first book out of the box serving God’s purpose on the first day that it saw light.

About a month ago, I attended a very special service and dinner with His Laboring Few Biker Ministry. Last Night, one of the members that I met invited me to attend a dinner at the Singletary Lake State Park, in Kelly, North Carolina on May 3rd where they would like me to recite some of my poetry and perhaps have a book signing.

I cannot wait to see what God has in store for me tomorrow.

May you be filled with the Holy Spirit and find the peace that surpasses all understanding through personal relationship with our beautiful savior, Jesus Christ.

God Bless,
David V. Burdick

More About David Burdick:

David Burdick is a Navy Veteran, who went to college under the GI Bill and holds degrees in electronics engineering and mathematics. With over thirty years in the nuclear power industry, he now travels as an independent consultant to many of the country’s nuclear power plants, helping with the problem identification and resolution process. David has been happily married to his wife, Ann, for thirty years, and together they have two adult sons who reside in upstate New York.

Reviews for First Vespers:

“David Burdick has the gift of marrying statement with sentiment, detail with drama, and information with insight. His poetry, drawn from numerous narratives of Scripture, will stop you in your tracks and make you think and feel emotions you may not have experienced in a long time. May God use this book in its readers’ lives to revive a fresh passion for knowing God’s Word and a recognition of its applicability and relevance to our own daily narrative.”
—Dan Woodard, director of leadership development, InterAct Ministries of Canada

“First Vespers is like an artist painting with words. David is very gifted in using poems to paint a picture and stirring my heart. His work is soulful and touching, like hearing the brush strokes of an artist painting. A beautiful book; I recommend it for all.”
—Rick Ables, pastor of Community Bible Church, Southport, NC

“Reading First Vespers helped me to reflect greatly on what my Heavenly Father did to save me. Without my faith and the precious love of Jesus Christ, I would never have survived this far. This book is very deep, and I was honored and thankful to read it.”
—Toni Dubiel, Praise 96.3FM, Premier Southern Gospel Radio, Knoxville, TN

“I started reading again with the memories and yes they are spirituality filling me once more. This is powerful and filled by the Holy Spirit! David, wonderful addition to what God has already given us! Can’t wait to share this with others in the world! Thanks be to God! Blessings on your journey!”
—Craig Wilson

“What a beautiful work of art – truly deserving of prominent display in our home for others to enjoy. I began reading last night and was suddenly aware of tears rolling down my face. I felt I was reading Gods’ words written just for me. Good luck with the distribution and sales of your wonderful masterpiece. I hope it finds its’ way into the hands and lives of all those who are thirsty for a more intimate relationship with our Lord. May God continue to bless you in all you do.”

—Jay & Bonnie Jewell

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