Flashlights at the Sun

Flashlights at the Sun by Richard De Prisco | Deep River Books
ISBN: 9781632694607

Author: L. Richard De Prisco


Poetry to Help Shed Some Subjects on the Light

The poems in Flashlights at the Sun are fashioned to illuminate biblical history, teachings, and characters, often with a modern twist. Author and poet Rick De Prisco offers dry-witted, sobering, and ironic passages on spiritual themes dealing in truth vs. error, light vs. darkness, and eternity vs. time. With scriptural references given for further reflection, it is perfect for adult Sunday school classes or small groups, or as part of the curriculum in a college course in English or Bible study. Flashlights at the Sun will stimulate your mind and engage your sense of creativity . . . maybe even tease out a wry smile on occasion.

“Rick’s verses and phrases color a picture that tells a story that conjures a feeling, awakens an opinion, and draws a conclusion. I recommend Flashlights at the Sun to anyone who appreciates the artistry of good poetry.”

—David V. Burdick,
Author of First Vespers — Spiritual Verses of Hope and Inspiration
and Blair’s Gap — Silencing A Multi-Generational Curse

Author Bio

Rick De Prisco is Finance Manager for Rim of the World Recreation and Park District. A Cornell grad, he now resides in Twin Peaks, California.

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