Forecasting Temptation

ISBN: 978-1937756123

Author: Randy R. Butler


Temptation. It’s like a glass of water with just a drop of poison in it – one sip, and you could be gone. Such is the way of temptation.

In Forecasting Temptation, Randy Butler (author of Reclaiming Heaven’s Covenant, Deep River Books, 2011) defines temptation allowing you to discover your weaknesses, forecast the storms, and teaches you how to avoid the destruction that is often left behind. He outlines 103 points that undress temptation and offers solutions to implement into your life. Butler asks bold questions such as: How does temptation tried just once turn into an addiction? And does every Christian struggle with it? He also asks you to answer why, when, and where you are faced with temptations, what you do, and who you do it with, and challenges you to break the addictions you have fought but with little success.

Butler says, “Ordinary people have to face temptation head-on with no extra help but what has been suggested in this book (or any other of a hundred sources). There is no shock treatment out there to help us with temptation. There are no evasive moves we can make with cop cars to get around temptation. Temptation is a beast that demands a face-to-face battle. I believe that if we forecast temptation, we can face down the beast and win the battles in our lives. It won’t be easy. There are no tricks. It is going to take our very best effort. With God we can forecast and face temptation and win.”

Complete with study questions and Scriptures at the end of each chapter, this tool equips you to directly attack the power of temptation with the power of God.

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