From Groaning to Owning: How to Possess What’s Already Yours

ISBN: 9781940269436

Author: Gregg Dennington


Position Your Life for Genuine Revival Breakthrough

From Groaning to Owning will help you …

• Ignite a vibrant, growing relationship with God

• Break free from religious games and tired traditions

• Walk in the same miracle-working power that Jesus did

• Discover your true identity and destiny in life

• Learn to stand strong during trials, turmoil, and tragedy

• Experience the joy and freedom of living in God’s presence



“The unique beauty of From Groaning to Owning is [how] the author helps lure you into God’s glorious presence by sharing story after story of His goodness…. I can’t recommend this book enough.” David Jones, lead pastor of Cross Points Church, Kansas City


“Faith in God is a quiet trust, but, as Gregg communicates, it is also being desperate enough to take the bold risk.” Hal Linhardt, director of evangelism, International House of Prayer


“When you read From Groaning to Owning, you will see life differently. You will see challenges differently. You will see yourself differently. Dennington has laid hold of it, and those of us who receive his ministry will forever be changed by it.” Jordan Seng, PhD, senior pastor of Bluewater Mission, Honolulu


Author Bio:

Gregg Dennington is now the senior pastor of a church he helped plant more than 25 years ago among the unreached Hakka Chinese of Taiwan, an on-fire fellowship that’s currently experiencing a wonderful outpouring of God’s presence and power. Gregg met his Danish wife, Eva, while in Taiwan, only to later discover that his surname, Dennington, actually means “Danish Gift.


What readers are saying:

“I was blown away.”

“I found my soul rising in faith.”

“A journey from religion to relationship!”

“A fantastic book that has both blessed and inspired me.”

“I am a better leader and Christian for having read this.”

“Those of us who receive Gregg’s ministry will forever be changed by it.”

Retail Price: $14.99