Gently Awakened: The Influence of Faith on Your Artistic Journey

ISBN: 978-1937756871

Author: Sara Joseph


Do you dare risk unreservedly combining your Christian faith with your creativity? Could you be assured of thriving in the arts, or does that sound outrageously improbable? Sadly, too many Christians abandon their creativity, as if they were the hapless recipients of a toy with incomprehensible instructions, thus walking away from their destiny—their very reason for being gifted in such a time as this. They remain oblivious of their God-authored potential, empowered by faith, to uniquely express the many nuances of their journey with Jesus.

What Sara Joseph discovered may surprise you. An artist in paint, clay, and verse, Sara testifies to God’s infinite interest in every aspect of her creative enterprise. In Gently Awakened, she employs prose, verse, and art to attest to God’s faithfulness, even to the artist. Far from empty theories, these lessons, forged in the paint-splattered laboratory of her own life, bring clarity to the practical considerations of living out the unique call of a creative Christian.

Such a story could be yours to live, in partnership with your Creator.

“May you be inspired to weave your own powerful testimony either in words, art, or your very life itself. Mull over my story and then swirl it into the palette of your own life, with its unique and dynamic colors. None of us have all the answers, but we know the One who does.” – Sara Joseph, artist and author

Creativity is like an unwrapped gift from God. Its contents are mysterious, begging for action. The benevolent Giver eagerly awaits a response. Yet it is often tossed aside after merely removing the outer wrapping. Sara Joseph’s story will inspire you to become fully creative and alive in Him. Regardless of the unexpected twists and turns of that journey, you may be assured of His impeccable care!