God and Hamilton

ISBN: 9781632694775

Author: Kevin Cloud


Spiritual Themes from the Life of Alexander Hamilton & the Broadway Musical He Inspired

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Discover Spiritual Truths from the Smash Broadway Hit Hamilton that Will Transform Your Life

Hamilton—the hip-hop musical about a forgotten Founding Father—is the most compelling musical of our time. But if you watch it without understanding the spiritual themes of Alexander Hamilton’s life, you only get half the story. Discover how Hamilton is a modern-day parable that will:

  • Lead you into a deeper experience of God’s grace
  • Help you battle guilt and shame
  • Challenge you to forgive
  • Inspire your faith
  • Engage you in the struggle for human equality

God and Hamilton impressively weaves together insights from the musical itself, the lives of Alexander and Eliza Hamilton, and the story of Scripture into a tapestry that challenges people of faith to reexamine their lives.


“God and Hamilton turned me inside out and revealed a side of Hamilton I had never thought to explore.”—LAUREN BOYD, HAMILTON BROADWAY CAST

“A wonderful example of drawing from contemporary culture to understand how God works…I cannot recommend it more highly!” —MIKE BREEN

“A bold and creative exploration of the themes in life that matter most. In this beautiful book, Kevin Cloud helps us see, listen, and open to the all-consuming love God pours out to us.” —PHILEENA HEUERTZ

For all who struggle with doubt, depression, and despair, God and Hamilton offers an inspiring way forward. Kevin Cloud’s book made my heart sing!” —CRAIG DETWEILER


Author Bio

Kevin Cloud is a writer, a speaker, and a creative. He is Director of Spiritual Life at the Culture House and was formerly the pastor of Midwest Fellowship in Overland Park, Kansas. Kevin blogs at GodandHamilton.com and GodInterest.com. Kevin and his wife, Allison, live in Kansas City with their four boys, Sam, Ben, Andrew, and Levi.

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