God Attainable

Author: Daniel Zimmerle


Pastor and counselor Daniel Zimmerle has spent thirty-five years in pursuit of God. Purposing to make Him known and recognizable, God Attainable opens your eyes to a revelation of God beginning with Genesis 1:1 revealing God systematically as He reveals Himself through Scripture. God Attainable is also written to make it known that Jesus is God in the flesh. In each devotion concerning God the Father, Zimmerle writes a corresponding devotion with the same title to show that Jesus is God wrapped in skin.

Covering every angle, this book sheds light on our very real and very tangible God in the most important quest of mankind—to know God and to make Him known.

Regardless of background, education, or influence, God Attainable is written in simple language so that even those that do not know Christian terminology can understand, yet it is deep enough for leaders to use in Christian education. Read it—and accomplish your ever needed quest to know Him!