God Sent a Baby

ISBN: 9781632695697

Author: Laura N. Sweet


Daily Advent Reflections on Progeny, Promises and the Plan of Redemption

God sent a baby.

It is an often-repeated pattern in the Bible—early intimations of the birth of God’s own Son—the final word of God to his people. When people called upon God for justice, deliverance, healing, and restoration, God sent a baby.

Many of these babies foreshadowed the life and ministry of Jesus Christ—a picture, on a human scale, of the baby who would come one day to rescue and save us all. While these babies grew up to be men who were limited in their power and their righteousness, they hint at the holy and all-powerful Son of God.


Babies like Seth, Isaac, Moses, Samuel, Solomon, and John anticipated the coming of the Savior, Jesus Christ. They foretold something of his ministry and his kingdom. This advent devotional is all about the babies—wonderful gifts from the Father! And it’s all about the birth of the baby who came to deliver us all:  Jesus, our blessed redeemer!


December 1 through December 25, each daily advent reading is followed by reflection questions and ample room to journal a personal response.

Author Bio

After nearly 60 years on this planet, Laura N. Sweet has one enduring marriage, three children, two grandchildren, gray hair, poor vision, one bad knee—and nearly 40 years of experience studying, teaching, and writing about the Bible!  Laura’s career path has gone simultaneously in two directions:  with a B.A. from Central Michigan University, she taught teenagers for 16 years at a Christian school.  At the same time, Laura has also written more than 100 magazine articles for local and national publications, as well as three Sunday school manuals. Today, using her skills as an educator and her gifts as a writer, Laura loves to communicate God’s truth to others while residing in Midland, Michigan.  God Sent A Baby is her first book.

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