God’s Elect

ISBN: 9781632695727

Author: John E. Chipman


The Chosen Generation

God’s Elect offers a message of hope for all Christians who worry about whether they, or their loved ones, have been chosen by God.

The biblical doctrines of election and predestination generate much passion and emotional intensity among Christians. Most theologians have determined that these are doctrines filled with mystery, tension, and paradox which will never be resolved.

Author John E. Chipman disagrees.

He provides a fresh, biblical viewpoint regarding the perplexing doctrine of election that has the potential to kindle a re-thinking of the way Christians view and talk about God’s purpose of election in the New Testament. In God’s Elect, Chipman presents a truth that is neither Calvinistic nor Arminian—a truth that is simply, well, biblical.

This book makes no claim to be deeply philosophical or scholarly. The arguments are intentionally simple, yet profoundly biblical.



Author Bio:

John E. Chipman has a Master of Architecture degree, ran a successful architectural practice for thirty years, taught high school Spanish, played in a jazz/rock band, and currently teaches at The Spoken Word Christian Church in Southern California. John and his wife, Nancy, a beautiful and talented artist, have a wonderful son who, coincidentally, is also married to a beautiful and talented artist.

Having studied architecture, music, art, math, and foreign languages at nine different colleges and universities, John Chipman’s bio sounds like it describes someone who either could not decide what he wanted to be when he “grew up” or is intrigued and inspired by a variety of academic and intellectual challenges. He confesses to being guilty on both counts.

Through all his academic and business pursuits, John has come to realize that glorifying God by reflecting God’s grace to others is the real business of life.

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