Gospel Grit

Deep River Books | Gospel Grit
ISBN: 9781632694478

Author: Randy R. Butler


Be Mentored by Jesus, the Greatest Teacher of All Time

Gospel Grit is uniquely designed to help others see lessons in the simple-yet-profound stories of Jesus and apply those teachings to their own lives. This book includes questions to ponder that encourage the reader to be mentored by Jesus in refreshing one-on-one exercises. Gospel Grit reminds us to look to the ultimate Mentor, accessible to all.

Author and pastor Randy Butler offers this book as a guide to help others follow Christ throughout life—through dark seasons and seasons of joy—to let Him transform their lives now and for eternity.

While this book could easily be read in a week, it is designed to be worked through slowly and intentionally, allowing the simple challenges to transform your heart and your life one step at a time. Gospel Grit presents one small assignment per week and 156 weeks are included in this book—enough for three years of being mentored by Jesus. Companion material is available online #GG3YC.

Author Bio

Randy R. Butler considers himself to be a C+ guy with an A+ God. “C” because he is very average. “+” because with Jesus as his mentor, the cup is half full even in the darkest seasons of life. Randy went to school and earned a few degrees, including a Doctor of Ministry degree. Randy was married on June 27, 1981, to Joan Hatfield. Over 36 years later he’s still married, to the same girl! Randy has two children, Kristi and Kevin, the loves of his life!

Randy has an A+ God. They met on December 4, 1966. They have been friends for over 50 years now! Randy is a pastor, but don’t hold that against him. He is a volunteer police chaplain and a volunteer with Oregon Youth Authority, working with boys who have incredible potential with a mentor in their life!

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