Gospel Grit: What Jesus Showed Us and Told Us While Backpacking Homeless

Author: Randy Butler


What was it like to literally follow Jesus? Pastor Randy Butler, in his often humorous, down-to-earth manner, helps us catch a fresh vision of what it must have been like to actually follow Christ.

Gospel Grit is a call to cultivate the simplicity of trust and obedience. This book fires our imagination: What might have taken place around the campfire with Jesus? What could have been discussed while walking down a dust-plagued road outside of Jerusalem? What would Jesus and the disciples have discussed after a day of boating?

Dr. Butler takes us through the Gospels, examining the 731 statements that reflect either what Jesus showed us or told us. Dr. Butler believes these statements in the Gospels are for us, today—and we can accept the challenge to become more authentic followers of Him, living the real Gospel Grit.


“Just wanted you to know that I purchased Gospel Grit and sent one to a non-christian friend of mine in Tampa. I have known him since 1987 when we were in Panama together. Truly a non-Christian. I have been working on him especially these last ten years to accept Christ. Very negative in listening to how great Jesus is. I sent him your book over Christmas and for the first time ever he talked about Jesus positively. He even claimed it was the result of your book. So I will continue to talk to him but your book – and the Holy Spirit – is finally getting to him. I am excited! As a Christian he is one of those people that won’t have to work at it, living for Jesus, for him, will be easy and he will be a winner of souls – all because your book opened his eyes to Jesus. Praise The Lord!”
-Chuck Cogburn

“Randy compels us to catch a fresh vision of what this following means. . . . I get a sense of dirt and leaves and crowds of needy people along with times of retreat, reflection, and prayer. Gospel Grit gives us a front-row view of what it must have been like to actually follow Christ.”
-Nancie Carmichael, bestselling author and speaker