Growing Disciples Organically

Author: Don Detrick


The Jesus Method of Spiritual Formation

“Follow me.” These two simple words spoken by Jesus are often needlessly complicated with theological, psychological, and sociological interpretations. Using metaphors from organic farming, Don Detrick believes that a less complicated, organic approach for growing disciples makes sense. Maybe Jesus just wants us to simply accept the clear invitation to follow him, and experience the excitement and adventure of the journey.

Detrick’s powerful book on spiritual formation is uniquely positioned for such a time as this in the church, as younger generations are discovering that bigger churches do not guarantee spiritual formation in the life of attendees, nor do they equate greater numbers with greater levels of spiritual passion. Growing Disciples Organically addresses these honest questions:

  • Why don’t people act more like Jesus after spending a lifetime attending or actively engaged in a local church?
  • Why can’t we see that another sermon or class, however well intentioned, may not result in significant spiritual growth?
  • Why is it difficult to face the fact that more commitment, trying harder, or more activity may not result in increased spiritual growth?
  • Why are we reluctant to admit that we may not have all the answers?

This book is intended to help people in church leadership ask, “How is our present strategy of creating disciples working for us?” Pastors, leaders and any follower of Christ will find Dr. Don Detrick’s book important and compelling as it offers a fresh approach to effective, time-proven, and biblically-based methods for spiritual growth.

Author Bio

Don Detrick has spent more than thirty years in ministry as a pastor of churches. He currently serves as one of three executive officers for a network of more than 300 churches and over 1400 credentialed ministers in the Northwest. In this role he serves as CFO, oversees credentialing, and is involved in speaking, conflict management, coaching, consulting, and training pastors and churches. In addition, he is a board member for his national denomination and an adjunct professor for Northwest University, Kirkland, WA, and the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, Springfield, MO.

Detrick holds a doctor of ministry degree in leadership and master of divinity (equiv.) from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, a master’s degree in counseling from Luther Rice Seminary, and a BS in pastoral ministries from Eugene Bible College and a BA in Bible from Baptist Christian College.