The Guardians in the Storm

ISBN: 9781632695154

Author: Danielle Shryock


A Novel

_ _ _

Doctor Trevor and Kat Davenport moved their young family across the country where Trevor will be working at one of the top hospitals in the country. They were adjusting well to living next to the beach in their beautiful upscale home. The couple had been high school sweethearts and were still madly in love. Kat enjoyed staying home with her rambunctious boys and adorable twin girls. Even though Trevor was gone a lot being a Pediatric Surgeon, Kat felt like her life was perfect. Then tragedy struck.

The Davenport’s loved the Lord and when the storm hit, Kat’s faith increased but Trevor blamed God. He gave the demons a foothold and they began to whisper lies into his ear. The Davenport’s guardian angels responded on high alert, and the battle for Trevor’s life began.


Author Bio

Danielle Bressel lives in Gresham, Oregon with her three children. She has a bachelor’s in Psychology. She works in children’s ministry at Good Shepherd Church.

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