ISBN: 9781940269467

Author: Greg Thomas


How We Can Be Eternally Content in the Afterlife

Eternal life—is it a dream come true or an ominous threat? For those who worry that floating on clouds and playing harps sounds incredibly dull, this book offers a unique, engaging, and compelling perspective on heaven.

Heaven! … Boring? departs from typical explorations of Heaven to inspect the concept of life-ever-after from fresh vantage points. Author Greg Thomas, MD brings history, biology, cosmology, philosophy, and life experience, together with whimsical and relevant anecdotes to stimulate the intellect while simultaneously entertaining. Examine how modern science sheds light on the relationship between the temporal and the eternal, and how this can actually deepen our appreciation for the biblical promise of eternal life. Explore how our present sensory experiences both reveal and conceal the eternal. Most importantly, Thomas offers reflections on how the gospel promise of eternal life is indeed good news!

The promise of eternal life is not a sentimental notion or wishful thinking; it is serious business. This book is for everyone who has ever asked, “Will I get bored in Heaven?”

Author Bio

Greg Thomas (BS, Oregon State University; MD, Oregon Health Sciences University; family practice internship/residency, University of Missouri) has spent nearly four decades as a family doctor in Salem, Oregon. Greg met and married his wife, Heidi, while in medical school. Even while working full-time and co-raising their five children, Greg looked for opportunities for theological reflection, beginning with teaching his three-year old son’s Sunday school class with the able assistance of a skunk puppet named Flower.

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