Immersed: 40 Days to a Deeper Faith

Author: Doug Munton


Got saved? When you repent of your sins and place your faith in Christ, you experience a new beginning. Salvation in Christ is awesome and eternal, but it’s only the starting point of your spiritual life.

Perhaps, like many Christians, you linger in the shallow end. You’re unaware that there is more to be experienced, or unsure how to move beyond your comfort zone and follow the Lord in every area of your life. You splash around, only ankle-deep in your understanding of God and his purposes for your time here on earth.

But the Bible says God longs for you to grow spiritually through discipleship. To go beyond the elementary principles of Christianity. To strengthen your understanding of the Lord and his will for you. To plunge deeper and deeper into the faith life. To become immersed in the whole truth.

In Immersed: 40 Days to a Deeper Faith, Pastor Doug Munton has developed an ideal Bible study tool for churches and home groups, or for use as a 40-day devotional by individuals who yearn to explore the depths of their faith and to discover the vast riches of Christ.

“This is the best tool I have ever seen to unite a church during a forty-day season. I wish I had this book years ago. Your church will change if you use Immersed. And I mean, change in large and meaningful ways. Go deep for forty days, and watch what God does!”
-John Avant, senior pastor, First Baptist Church of West Monroe, LA; author, If God Were Real and Authentic Power