In the Shadow of the Qur’an

ISBN: 9781632695741

Author: Edward J. Hoskins MD, PhD


Prophets, Messengers, Truth, and Lies

The Qur’an is the key to understanding Islam and the geopolitics of the earth.  Accordingly, it is essential for Christians and other non-Muslims to have more than a kindergarten understanding of the Qur’an.  This book helps provide that understanding.  Surprisingly, both the Bible and Qur’an share common prophets, such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jesus, and others.  The author evaluates the stories of twelve such prophets and shows that what is missing from the Qur’an versions is a striking absence of Christological atonement for sin.  Focusing on stories and their contexts, this book gives Christians and other non-Muslims new insights into the Qur’an as well as practical ideas on how to relate to Muslims and share biblical truth with them.

“Imagine what it would be like to walk into a mosque, receive a warm welcome from the Imam, and have an open and respectful conversation about what lies at the very center of Muslim teaching. Now imagine having that same conversation thirty-two times over. Think what you would learn!  That is exactly what the author did, and this book is the fruit of those remarkable conversations.” –Dr. David Henderson, Senior Pastor, Covenant Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Author of: Culture Shift, Baker Book House 1998 and Tranquility – Cultivating a Quiet Soul in a Busy World, Baker Books 2015


Author Bio

Ed Hoskins is a retired physician with both an MD and a PhD.  He has also been part-time Associate staff with the Navigators for forty-one years during which time he has reached out to Muslims with the hope of Christ.  Although living mostly in the US, he worked short-term (2-4 weeks) and longer-term (1-2 years) in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and the Arab Gulf.  He is conversational in Arabic and has interacted with hundreds of friendly Muslims, drunk gallons of tea, smuggled Bibles, been involved in disciple-making in an underground church, met royalty, and even had his life threatened. He loves to play chess and taught himself to play the piano, harmonica, concertina, and now the violin.  He published two previous books on Islam (A Muslim’s Heart and A Muslim’s Mind).  He is happily married with two children and three grandchildren.



I have been reading In the Shadow of the Qur’an.  The book discusses and gives deep and objective evaluation of the common ground and differences between Islam and Christianity.  The book will give Christians deeper and true understanding of Islam and Muslims.  This book will also help Muslims know the truth and appreciate the beauty and power of the Christian faith.

God gave Dr. Ed so many years in understanding Islam and Christianity, and the ability to do brilliant comprehensive research which God will use to bless both Muslims and Christians.  Shadow of the Prophet should be in every book store, church, mosque and public library.”

-Samy Tanagho, Former Egyptian defense lawyer, President and Founder of Glad News for Muslims, Author of Glad News! God Loves You My Muslim Friend


I got to know Dr. Hoskins in the trenches of Beirut, Lebanon, during the Lebanese civil war.  We are affectionately known as “Beirut Bomb Buddies.”  I saw first-hand his love for the Muslim and his intellectual brilliance for truth.

Ever since 9/11, Islamic fundamentalism has been front and center to Americans.  But it is confusing to understand what Muslim believe and why they do what they do.  In his book, Dr. Hoskins takes us to Sayyid Qutb, the founder of modern-day fundamentalism, to look at his interpretation of the Quran.  His approach helps give insight to much of modern day fundamentalism.  Dr. Hoskins confronts Muslim misconceptions with truth and love.  It is a compassionate and intellectually stimulating read.”

-Bob Vidano, Former Director of the Navigators of the Middle East, retired


In an age dominated by rumor, gossip and fake news, can we agree that it is rare to find someone who actually asks honest questions of others, and then listens to the answer and thinks it through carefully?  And if ever there was an age and an issue that needs to have honest questions asked, and understanding reached, it must be our relationship with the many Muslims who have come, for various reasons to live among us in the West.  Or perhaps we are the ones living among them?

In the 20 years that we have known Ed and his wife, Ed has been that humble person asking those honest questions, and then sharing the answers he has received.  It is not insignificant that he has lived among Muslims, that he speaks Arabic fluently, that he has read the most important books of Islam, and yet remains a joyful Christian and has a genuine and peaceful interest in Muslims and their thoughts about the world and faith.

This is a book written, like others of Ed’s, to understand the people of Islam, not on our terms, but theirs.  Ed always allows people to be who they are.  If you can follow his example, using his mindset, you will see the loveliness and neediness of the Muslim heart.  This book is invaluable to the person who has faith in Christ and wishes to understand Muslims who do not– and be resolved to do so in a Christ-like way.”

-Eleanor Grant, Artist


When you read Ed Hoskins’ book, In the Shadow of the Qur’an, you see immediately that Ed is a follower of Jesus with a very keen intellect.  You can’t help but learn from this man who has studied Islam and befriended Muslim people for over 40 years!  And while the vast knowledge you will gain by reading this book is certainly advantageous, what I appreciate so much more about Ed is that he loves Muslim people and wants to see them with us in the kingdom of God.  In Ed’s new book, you see a beautiful blend of an amazing knowledge of Islam, and a sincere and tender love for Muslim people.  And that is contagious!

Ed Hoskins tells us of a man who changed history as it relates to Islam, Sayyid Qutb – a man who came to America in 1948 and was so scandalized by American culture and Christianity that he went home to Egypt and subsequently wrote a seminal book, Milestones.  Milestones has been read and used to justify terrorism by jihadists everywhere, including none other than Osama bin Laden.  How sad that genuine Christians apparently did not know or obey Leviticus 19:34 and reach out in grace and truth to Sayyid Qutb!

Thank you, Ed, for all your incredible research and writing in order to help all of us grow in “grace and truth” when it comes to reaching out to Muslim people – a people that God loves and that Jesus died for.”

-Mark Vanderput, CEO and Founder of “I Love Muslims”


I first met Dr. Ed Hoskins in the mountains of Lebanon
forty years ago in the middle of the Lebanese Civil War.  At that
time, I witnessed his desire for Muslims to know Christ personally
through building bridges of Biblical truth.  Dr. Ed’s current book, In the Shadow of the Qur’an, accurately reflects that desire and is unique and
fascinating in its approach.  The many stories, questions, and
individual examples make it winsome and readable.

I believe this valuable book will be a worthwhile and
stimulating read for Muslims as well as for Christians.  I encourage
my own friends, colleagues, and neighbors, to get it and savor it!”

-Jean (John) G. Bouchebel, L.H.D. (Doctor of Humane Letters),Hospitality Executive, Intercontinental Hotels Corporation in Lebanon & the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 1961-1980, Executive with World Vision International Middle East, and at the International Head Quarter, 1984-2011, Founder and President, Witness As Ministry, Inc. 2011-Currently serving the Church throughout the Middle East


Dr. Ed Hoskins’ presentation of the central themes of the Quran in In the Shadow of the Qur’an will be helpful for everyone wanting to understand the Quran and wanting to relate to their Muslim friends in a respectful and informed manner.  He distilled the central ideas of the Quran from a lengthy commentary by a respected Muslim theologian and then interviewed many Muslim people to discern whether or not the interpretation found in the commentary truly reflected the thinking of mainstream Islam.  The book is filled with many interesting stories found in the Koran as well as anecdotes from his interaction with Muslim people while doing his research.  Dr. Hoskins gives a straightforward Christian perspective concerning the central themes in the Koran in a respectful manner.  I believe his book will help bring mutual respect and understanding to both the Muslim and Christian communities.

-Everett Vanest


This is a must-read book for those who want to gain a better understanding of Islam and how to communicate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to them. As a former Muslim who came to faith through the ministry of Dr. Hoskins, a professor of cross-cultural studies, and a pastor who has been ministering among Muslims for 30 years I highly recommend “In the Shadow of the Qur’an” to those who have the love of Christ for Muslims. It is clear, culturally sensitive, and true to the Bible. It is essential to comprehend the influence of Sayyid Qutb’s teaching on Muslims’ minds to grasp what is happening in the Middle East. His teachings have had a vast and deep influence from Shiite to Sunni spectrum of Islamic movements in the 20th and 21st centuries. Dr. Hoskins helps the reader to gain such understanding. I am going to make this book as required reading for my students at Southern California Seminary.

-Dr. Sohrab Ramtin, Pastor of Iranian Christian Church of San Diego, Professor of Cross-Cultural Studies at Southern California Seminary


This book by Dr. Ed Hoskins, In the Shadow of the Qur’an, is the result of hundreds of hours of reading, research, many, many live interviews, and the making of many Muslim friends.   These friends of Dr. Ed, as he is affectionately known, can testify to his thorough knowledge of the Quran and his brilliant analysis of Sayyid Qutb’s In the Shade of the Qur’an.  And of course, as a loving Christian believer, he knows, cherishes and expertly shares the Word of God.  This book is an education all on its own.  It shines with his comparative study of the Quran and Bible on twelve major Biblical characters that are also touched on in the Quran.  Add to that the historical background of the secular civilizations that were contemporary with the Biblical characters mentioned and you have a delightful, informative read.  I highly recommend this gem, the fruit of a lifetime of study in all the fields mentioned above, accompanied by the stories of his loving contacts with Muslims in many lands as well as here in the United States.

-Dr. Don McCurry, President of Ministries to Muslims, Author of: Tales that Teach, Ministries to Muslims 2009; Healing the Broken Family of Abraham: New Life for Muslims, Ministries to Muslims 2011; The Trail of Blood: Sacrifice in the Qur’an and the Bible – From Adam to the Throne, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2018


In Ed Hoskins’ book, In the Shadow of the Qur’an, the comparison between the Biblical figures and the shadow found in the Qur’an is excellent. This is a great comparison pointing out how the Qur’an in its retelling of the story of biblical characters has key redemptive elements missing.”

-Dr. Roy Oksnevad, Founder and Former Director of COMMA, Author of The Burden of Baggage: First-generation Issues in Coming to Christ, William Carey Publishing 2019


As a son of a mufti in Mecca Saudi Arabia, I have to say that there is no other western book that looks into fundamentals of Islam with complete precision and understanding than “In the Shadow of the Qur’an.” Dr. Ed Hoskins has the mind of Christ and aided by the love of the Holy Spirit in dissecting essential aspects of fundamental Islam that can be seen throughout the book. This is also evident, as Dr.Ed explains throughout the book, the twelve main distinct persons (from Adam to Jesus) and periods (in Islam). This book will help not only to understand Islam, and it’s movements but to act on 1 Corinthians 13:5 toward neighboring Muslims to be true ambassadors of Christ and His Kingdom. I highly recommend this book to be a cornerstone in the study of the fundamentals of Islam and related Islamic movements.  If you are wondering about the past, current, future political and religious changes in the Middle East, this book will enlighten your path to comprehend such historical changes. When I first met Dr.Ed, I was astonished by the love he has for Muslims and the in-depth knowledge and understanding of Islam as if Dr.Ed himself grew up in Mecca. If you are a Christian in the West, I hope the experience of rejection Sayyid Qutb found when he lived among Christians would move your heart. I, too, have experienced similar rejections. Sayyid Qutb could’ve followed Jesus with Christians being hospitable and welcoming toward those who seek the everlasting Kingdom.

-Dr. Ahmed Joktan. MD, MBA., Author of “From Mecca to Christ


This fascinating book by Dr. Ed Hoskins immerses the reader into the “shadows” of Islam – how it compares and contrasts with Christianity.  Dr. Hoskins’ deep love of Muslim people is very evident, which is why this book will be of great interest to thoughtful Muslims who desire to better understand Christianity and the ways it relates to their own holy texts.  This unique and valuable book should be on the bookshelf of anyone who wants to understand and relate better to their Muslim friends.”

-Harlan R. Day, Ph.D.


A Christian Evangelical, a Muslim Fundamentalist, 28 Imams, and a 5000 Mile Quest to Uncover the Core of the Muslim Faith

Imagine what it would be like to walk into a mosque, receive a warm welcome from the Imam, and have an open and respectful conversation – in Arabic – about what lies at the very center of Muslim teaching. Now imagine having that same conversation twenty-eight times over. Think what you would learn! 

That is exactly what Ed Hoskins did, and this book is the fruit of those remarkable conversations.

Ed has sought for more than thirty years to understand what lies at the heart of the Muslim faith. In the process, Ed has become a leading expert on the Muslim faith. What makes Ed’s knowledge so unique is that it hasn’t been acquired primarily through books, though he has studied voraciously. It has come through relationships – hundreds of them – with Muslim friends.

Fluent in Arabic, intimately acquainted with the contents of the Quran, and a committed follower of Christ, Ed has devoted the better part of his life to building windows in the wall that divides the worlds of Cross and Crescent. He wrote both of his previous books, A Muslim’s Heart and A Muslim’s Mind, to equip Christians to better understanding the heart of those they are seeking to reach with the gospel.  

In In the Shadow of the Qur’an, Ed completes his invaluable trilogy. For this book, a Muslim fundamentalist serves as his unlikely guide. Sayyid Qutb, largely unknown to the western world, wrote what many consider the most influential Muslim work outside of the Qur’an. Ed summarizes In the Shade of the Qur’an, boiling down eighteen volumes of writings into a simple framework. Then he goes on a road trip and field tests his findings, driving more than 5000 miles to interview more than two dozen US Imams to find out just how influential Qutb’s teaching is. Very, it turns out. As a final step, Ed builds points of connection between Qutb’s ideas and the Bible, guides us in understanding how those beliefs differ from Scripture, and models gracious and honoring ways to talk about the gospel and share our faith.

Every Christian who is seeking to reach our Muslim friends looks for trustworthy guides. This is a resource you can count on. If you’ve read A Muslim’s Heart and A Muslim’s Mind and you’re ready for more, this is your book. You won’t want to be without it.”

-Dr. David Henderson, Senior Pastor, Covenant Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Author of: Culture Shift, Baker Book House 1998 and Tranquility – Cultivating a Quiet Soul in a Busy World, Baker Books 2015

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