Influence of a King

ISBN: 978-1-940269-64-1

Author: Titi Horsfall


A Novel

“Horsfall’s novel reads with breathless ease~This is fiction at its heart warming best.”
—Anote Ajeluorou, The Guardian, Lagos, Nigeria

Titi shared her Christian historic fiction at the London Book Fair 2016: Click to See Highlights

Could it be that global events have aligned to fit a particular purpose . . . for such a time as this?

Chad. Born into a life of privilege, with an unquenchable thirst for adventure, and stirred by a passion to honor his king and defend his people from Hitler, a young Englishman embarks on a mission that could prove to be more than he ever imagined. When he loses his memory and finds love, will his desires destroy his mission . . . or fulfill it?

Kanyam. Along the creeks of the Niger Delta, oppressed by superstitions, discrimination, and colonial tyranny, a beautiful African girl seeks hope and a sense of purpose.

Influence of a King spans the globe during a time of harrowing worldwide events—the Great Depression, the droughts of America’s Dust Bowl years, World War II and post-war developments—and captures the essence of faith, fate, and the power of choices. Can two individuals with nothing in common yet everything happening around them, including the choices made on their behalf, establish an uncommon love and fulfill a greater purpose? Set in England, America, and Nigeria, this sweeping love story delivers an active perspective of tumultuous historic events, as well as the human interplay in interracial harmony and religious identity.

Author Bio

Following several international trainings on writing and communication, a bachelor’s degree in marketing, a masters in banking and finance, and an MBA in oil and gas management from the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Titi Horsfall has built a career in corporate communications. She is the Head of Government Relations in a global LNG organization and a member of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).

Titi’s first novel, From an Orphan to a Queen: Esther, established her as a creative writer of reckon and her enlistment in the Coat of Many Colours: an anthology of Nigerian authors. She served as co-editor of the 2014 UNESCO World Book Capital project: 100 Years around Port Harcourt.

Titi is married to Onamari, and blessed with three sons. Considering she works full-time, then writes as a hobby, her sons like to say that her passionate writing is as good as a career! So, let the writing continue…

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