Is it Possible…To Transform the Lives and Legacies of Single Teen Moms?

Author: Gwen Diaz


More than two thousand teenage girls in the US will discover they are pregnant today! Of these pregnancies, 14% will end in miscarriage; almost one third will be terminated by abortion; only 1% will result in adoption.

Most often, a pregnant teen decides to raise her own child—finding her life forever altered and her identity completely changed. She is no longer simply a daughter, a sister, a friend, or a student. She is a mom. And as her responsibilities and relationships change, she will find herself overwhelmed, exhausted, and lonely.

At a time when teen moms are most vulnerable, few churches are equipped to provide the refuge so desperately needed. Many become pregnant again in less than two years, caught in a vicious cycle that destines their children to grow up and become teenage parents themselves.

Here, author and teen advocate Gwen Diaz shares true stories of heartbreak and triumph. She presents disturbing facts, provides practical solutions, and challenges believers to take a new course of action. Diaz highlights the lives of three women who are doing just that. By following their examples, we can transform the lives and legacies of teenage moms. And we can reach our whole community with the love of Jesus Christ!

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