Journey From The Great Palace

ISBN: 9781940269771

Author: Bob Wilkinson


God is about to become a human. The angels wonder, why Jesus would ever want to leave the majesty of the Great Palace to be born on Earth as a baby? What would be the purpose?

Rachael, one of the smallest angels in Heaven, is still reeling from the news when Jesus asks her to join him in this incredible adventure. She has no idea that events are shaping up that will alter the course of human history. Her assignment will take her from Bethlehem to Jerusalem, north to Nazareth and even down to Egypt and back.

Yet, behind the miracles and excitement, evil men are crafting a cruel plan that would purge the world of this Jesus once and for all. As the saints in Paradise wait, and angels watch, the question now becomes “What will become of God’s plan?”

The Journey from the Great Palace is an excellent read! Bob Wilkinson has written a brilliant story that will stir your heart and draw you closer to Jesus. Prepare your life for an amazing transformation!”
–Dale Shannon, former pastor and counsellor with Corrections Canada

Author Bio

At sixteen, Bob Wilkinson completed his first solo flight. At nineteen, he landed a job as a first officer on an aged DC-3. Later he flew Boeing 767 aircraft around the world, serving as both an instructor and accident investigator. During his forty years as a pilot, Bob frequently enjoyed an aerial view of modern-day Israel. A Bible teacher for over three decades, Bob lives with his wife in Nova Scotia.

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