Kingdom of God or Pagan Empire?

Kingdom of God or Pagan Empire Cover
ISBN: 1632694999

Author: Julien Stanford


Why Christians are on the Sidelines of a Divided Nation

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A great political divide exists today, but can we truly grasp the significance of that divide?

It is very complex and carries such deep implications that explaining the nature of the divide is not possible without reaching far back into history to trace its development. An informed context provides needed clarity.

Kingdom of God or Pagan Empire demonstrates that the Christian position is the only one that can squarely address the phenomena of the whole human experience without violating the principle of non-contradiction. More importantly, Christianity continues to be the sole hope for individual and cultural redemption.

In order to truly appreciate—or even begin to understand—something as complex as Christianity, one must first be acquainted with the backdrop against which it emerged. In this pertinent and timely work by Julien Stanford, the reader will be acquainted with this nuanced, contextual understanding among other tools to guide them in engaging with the current cultural divide.

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Author Bio

Julien Stanford attended Louisiana State University and is a graduate of T.H. Harris Technical School. For the past 29 years, Julien has been involved in Quality Control/Oversight in the nuclear industry. His hobbies include woodcarving, songwriting, politics, history, and long meditative walks. In the past he has served as an ordained elder. He and his wife, Sylvia, currently reside in Crowley, LA and regularly attend Our Savior’s Church in Lafayette. Julien is the father of five children, grandfather of sixteen, and great-grandfather of one.

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