Leap of Faith

ISBN: 9781632695840

Author: Bill Carmichael & Nancie Carmichael


The Story of Robert & Charlene Pagett, Founders of Assist International

Bob and Charlene Pagett’s story offers a clear example of what it means to live a life of profound meaning motivated by faith. Theirs is a story of optimism and the belief that every person in the world is valuable. It is a story of perseverance, of overcoming challenges and obstacles, all in the pursuit of the greater good.

Their story is also a powerful one about what it means to take a chance. Not just any chance, but the chance to follow God’s plan for your life to make a difference. If you need inspiration to take your own leap of faith, this book is for you. Leap of Faith not only shares the remarkable story of two people who in midlife took the leap, but it offers timeless and approachable principles you can apply wherever God has called you in your own life. Leaps of faith often begin with steps of faith—sometimes very small steps. Bob and Charlene inspire us to begin our own adventure of faith, and their story is living proof that when we dare to walk through the open, sometimes-daunting doors God provides, the possibilities are endless.


Author Bio:

Bob and Charlene Pagett are the founders of Assist International and have been involved internationally in humanitarian projects for many years. Their greatest joy is their grown children, grandchildren, and several great grandchildren. Bob and Char make their home in Scotts Valley, California where they continue to reach out to others with energy and passion.

William and Nancie Carmichael have been involved in publishing and writing for many years. They are the authors of several books and make their home in Sisters, Oregon.


In order to find [the] right book you want to read, just search for one that encourages you to have a ‘Leap of Faith.’

This book has appropriate words and messages behind every sentence which will enrich your faith. The uniqueness of this book lies in the authors who, like Abraham the father of our faith, believe God would do whatever he said. Bob and Charlene too, in faith, believe nothing is impossible and difficult with God.

They encourage all of us to trust in God and keep insisting on doing what God calls us to do in spreading his kingdom. In life we must be ever ready to leave with this kind of faith which makes us embrace a path least explored because we trust in God.

Leap of Faith is a must-read book because our journey on earth fills us with lots of doubts which can deviate our attention from following the path that can make us live with hope for the future.

Sr. Rosemary Nyirumbe – Director of St. Monica and Sewing Projects, In partnership with Assist International founded by Bob and Charlene


At a time when COVID has pushed us to retreat, Bob and Char are powerful examples of what “Doing” looks like.  They have personalized the voices of need from around the globe—from homeless orphans to health workers—and, true to their mission, they have opened doors enabling countless others to see possibility in the midst of pain and seize opportunities to help.  Their creation—Assist International—is a thriving catalyst that has transformed willing resource into tangible, life-saving change for literally millions of people.  As their mission continues to evolve, the Pagett’s story calls us to join in and be part of what is possible.

Krista (Bauer) St George – VP Product Management, SI Group; Formerly Director of Global Programs, GE


The word “leap” connotes the image of two people hand-in-hand jumping from a high cliff—knowing there is water below but not knowing the height of the cliff nor the depth of the water. Bob and Char took a hand-in-hand leap when they founded Assist International.  I was privileged to be involved in A.I. since its infancy and continue to be amazed with its global influence over 30 years later. This book is the story of the impact two people can make when they are willing to take a leap and believe. Bob and Char’s journey will strengthen your faith, increase your resolve to make a difference in our world, and inspire you to take your own leap.”

Dr. Michael Comer – President of The Hayes Group International, AI Board Member, co-author of Start with Humility: Lessons from America’s Quiet CEOs on How to Build Trust and Inspire Followers


When Bob Pagett contacted me to ask me to write an endorsement of Leap of Faith was a few days from flying to Ethiopia to dedicate a Rotary project to provide an Oxygen Generation Plant serving 15 hospitals that would not have been possible without Bob Pagett. When I brought a young nurse born in Ethiopia to Bob to explain this need and impossible task, Bob’s connections, knowledge, and positive encouragement made it a reality. I could not say “no” to Bob and read the manuscript. This page-turner book is full of wonderful stories about Bob and Char and how their ability to connect and inspire others has changed and saved lives around the world. I highly recommend this book. I have traveled with Bob and Char on projects in Djibouti, Laos, China, and Romania and witnessed their amazing leadership skills. They are humble, but larger than life, heroic individuals who deserve to have their story shared. Readers will be inspired to make the world a better place.

Joe Hamilton – Rotary District 5170 District Governor 2012-13


I have been fortunate enough to walk alongside Bob where he introduced me to the humanity efforts he has been involved with in Romania and Uganda. It is impossible to calculate the number of lives he positively affected thru his ministry. I have never met a more Godly and humble man than Bob Pagett. I feel truly blessed to call him my friend.”

Jim Sankey – CEO  InVue


The path traveled by Bob and Charlene Pagett around the globe to meet the challenges of the world’s most vulnerable people would never be possible without their unwavering faith in a loving God who cares deeply for the suffering. The pages of this book tell the remarkable story of two ordinary people who dared to make a difference. This book will inspire you to believe that through the same simple faith, you can make a difference too.

Sharon M. Fruh, Ph.D., RN, FNP-BC, FAANP, Professor, Associate Dean for Research, Evaluation, and Development, University of South Alabama, College of Nursing

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