Life Interrupted

Life Interrupted | Deep River Books
ISBN: 9781632694485

Author: Nathan Thebridge


Revealing the Fingerprints of God

Sometimes it seems he is everywhere but where you need him to be. When life seems so ordinary, so mundane, it is easy to get lost in the darkness and feel utterly alone. Built within our humanity is the need for relationship, the desire to belong, and real relationship with God is not as far away as you may think. God is actively searching for your attention. He seeks to encounter you—to interrupt your life with his presence, his power, his provision. Life Interrupted looks at those in the Bible and in everyday life today whose mundane lives were forever changed by encounters with the divine.

Simon of Cyrene’s story is told in merely two verses in Scripture, yet this innocuous bystander was thrust into an event that changed the world—he carried the cross to Calvary when Jesus could bear it no longer. We, too, have the potential to see our lives touched by the fingerprints of God. He invites us to be still and know, to make way for the unimaginable, the unbelievable, or the impossible—he invites us to make way for a miracle!

Author Bio

Nathan has a passion for community and the local church. His weekly blog, Chasing Light, inspires a generation to see God’s fingerprints in their everyday, ordinary lives.

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