ISBN: 9781632695987

Author: Mike Hatch


Empowered by the Light of the Gospel

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Most men today are disempowered. Lost and groping in the dark, they are driven by fear and insecurity. Isolation and loneliness have defined us as a generation, and the tragic result has been dysfunctional marriages, broken families, and a society with no mooring to truth. Addictions to pornography, alcohol, drugs, and gaming have enslaved men and stolen our confidence.

As a recovering pornography addict himself, Pastor Mike Hatch is well acquainted with feelings of disempowerment and hopelessness. Whether you are battling addiction, infidelity, or a crisis of purpose or identity, you will find this book to be accessible, readable, and highly actionable, built for you to make progress quickly and intentionally.

The empowered man does not just know about God but is known by him; he understands God as the source of power for character improvement; and he transcends his own agenda to be a powerful tool in the hand of God. Manhood: Empowered by the Light of the Gospel focuses on these three principles to provide guidance, encouragement, and resources for Christian men who are struggling with fear and insecurity. You’ll learn how being Known by God, Grown by God, and Owned by God provides the contentment to accept all circumstances of life, the clarity to embrace your transcendent and redemptive purpose, and the freedom to live courageously once again.


Author Bio

Mike Hatch received a BA in Digital Media Communications from Robert Morris University and went on to graduate cum laude from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School with a master’s in Theology. Mike spent nine years on staff with Young Life before becoming the Men’s Pastor at Orchard Hill Church in Pittsburgh, PA. As the National Relationship Generator for Christ-Led Communities (CLC), a men’s discipleship ministry, Mike helps busy pastors multiply their impact by empowering the men in their church through relational discipleship. He is also the host of CLC’s Empowered Manhood podcast.

As a recovering pornography addict with twenty years of experience discipling men, Mike Hatch is all too familiar with the struggles men face. Since rediscovering courageous masculinity himself, Mike’s life mission has been to humbly walk in the light, as He is in the light, in order to be a light for the glory of God (1 John 1:7). Mike currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with his beautiful bride and amazing teenage son.


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