Maximal Reserve

ISBN: 978-1935265528

Author: Sam Batterman


From the bestselling author of Wayback comes Sam Batterman’s second Christian thriller.

Petroleum exploration engineer Phil Channing uncovers the single largest oil reserve in history–and he’s only been employed for a week. The find is so large that it dwarfs all Middle East reserves combined, and lies so deep within the bowels of the earth that it can’t be reached by any conventional method. He discovers how to tap into this Maximal Reserve through research left behind by a college friend who was brutally murdered just before Phil took the job. The secret lies in the cryptic revelation of a complex of lava tubes on the southeast side of the Dead Sea known as Etsba Elohim–the Finger of God.

This knowledge provides the ability to reach this incredibly strategic resource and threatens to change the world’s balance of power and wealth in favor of the small nation of Israel.