Micah’s Trials

ISBN: 9781632695734

Author: W. A. Fitzgerald


Micah Paul is the Chief Financial Officer for Tacoma General Hospital, and his life couldn’t be better. He has a perfect job, a beautiful wife, and kids who think he’s the greatest dad ever. Life is good—but not for long. Micah is about to experience the most severe trials he could imagine. An unusual and harrowing set of circumstances begins with the birth of his newborn daughter and her life-threatening disease, his best friend being placed in mortal danger, and Micah finding himself the target of a multifaceted criminal investigation; it culminates in a mysterious caller portending ultimate harm to Micah and his family unless he compromises his faith, ethics, and all that he believes in. Darkness is descending like a shroud on the Paul household.

Micah finds himself questioning his beliefs, and who wouldn’t? After all, he is a good person, a leader in his work, community, and church; he has done nothing to deserve the trials being forced upon him. And yet his life is quickly unraveling, his world traumatized, and his faith shaken to its core.

A challenging journey is ahead for Micah, even as he and his wife, Cindy, agree to fight through these trials and against whatever forces are opposing their family. But if he wants to investigate the person trying to destroy him, he will have to reach into his military past, to a deadly skill set few know he possesses. Cindy has her own part to play, taking a crucial and dangerous role to help Micah gain the information he needs if he wants to overcome the incomprehensible darkness arrayed against him.

It is time for Micah to reevaluate in what and whom he truly believes. But going through such trials in life is not as purposeless as it might seem, and sometimes faith requires us to fight back.


Author Bio

W. A. Fitzgerald is a former hospital CEO and CFO. He grew up in the farmland of Central California before joining the Army out of high school without looking back. His career required frequent job moves; the moving van was never too far away. He has an undergraduate degree in Business and Accounting from the University of Puget Sound, and attended the University of Colorado at Denver to pursue additional studies. Though he spent his professional career as a healthcare executive, Fitzgerald never gave up on his dream of writing a novel. Since his retirement, he has been able to follow through on that passion with intensity and has published one novel before this one. He also finds time for fly-fishing, big game hunting, and camping in the Wyoming mountains. Fortunately, he is able to pursue those with his wife Heide, to whom he has been married for forty-two years. They are the parents of four wonderful children, and five perfect grandchildren. Fitzgerald currently resides in the high plains of Wyoming.

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