Miracle On Snowbird Lake

ISBN: 978-1937756673

Author: Stan Bednarz


Eleven-year-old Annie smiled at her dad as she pedaled past the pearly white church gazebo—a still frame etched in his mind forever. He could not have known it would be his last glimpse of her cherub face.

In the shadow of the Adirondack Mountains, the town of Dutch Hollow briefly rallied together. Flyers were passed, meetings were held, and a substantial reward was offered. Some even volunteered to set up a toll-free call center for tips leading to the whereabouts of Annie Davis.

After a fruitless community effort, Pastor Robert Davis finds himself alone in his search—not only for his daughter, but for a God from whom he demands answers. Can his faith, family, and ministry survive the darkest night of the soul? When tragedy strikes, is love the one gift that empowers courage to face the very gates of hell?

Through menacing twists and turns, this tense read will take you to the far side of God’s providence as you follow the relentless journey of a man who refuses to give up hope.


“Powerful and gripping, Stan Bednarz keeps you turning pages with his vivid portrayal of New York’s frigid north country as he shines a bright light on the best and worst the human spirit has to offer.” –NY Times bestselling author Tim Green, author of fourteen highly successful suspense novels, including Unstoppable, False Convictions, Above the Law, and The Dark Side of the Game.