Mood Food

Author: Melvin H. Hanna


Angry. Afraid. Sad. Ashamed. For many people, the struggle with emotions is long lasting and deeply disturbing. When you feel negative emotions, how do you respond?

In a culture where anxiety is an epidemic and there are myriad ways to numb our discomfort, are you often overwhelmed? Or do you simply check out?

Truth is, Jesus longs to be present with us when we are in emotional distress. God never meant for his children to hide from their shame, pretend they’re not angry, run away when they’re scared, or anesthetize their sadness. Our emotions serve a purpose, by design!

In his book, Mood Food, Dr. Melvin H. Hanna examines human emotions through a biblical lens and tells how to move on from fear to faith, sadness to comfort, shame to a new identity.


“My wife and I found that many people, both young and old from many cultures, struggle with fears which keep them from entering into the fullness of life or doing the will of God. Still others wrestle with anger because of the injustice of the abuse they’ve suffered, or because they feel helpless to change an abusive situation. Their life experiences and emotional consequences differ, but there is a common theme. These people suffer emotional oppression, locked in an emotional prison from which they feel powerless to escape. I want to raise hope that there is a way out of this emotional prison. This way out does not involve a “quick fix,” but instead involves learning a new way to live. In this book I present a case that achieving an ongoing relational connection with Jesus is the first step in a journey out of emotional bondage.”
– Dr. Melvin H. Hanna

By gaining an understanding of our emotional makeup through a biblical perspective in Mood Food, Dr. Hanna reveals God’s original design for human emotions. He shares proven, scripture-based strategies to transform your emotional life, redirect your emotions to move you into a deeper relationship with God, and help accomplish His purposes for your life.

Complete with end-of-chapter reflection exercises, Mood Food is an ideal personal or group study.