Moving Him In

Author: Shea Wood & Susan Milligan


Authors Susan Milligan and Shea Wood warmly invite you to join them in discovering the same dynamic healing and freedom they’ve experienced in their own lives. Moving Him In retraces the intersecting journeys of these two very different women as they successfully tossed out their old, wrong thinking and made permanent room for Christ’s abundant presence and truth.

Do you have a nagging sense that, while everything appears fine on the surface, something deep inside is not fine? Perhaps it’s deeply-rooted sin. Perhaps you’re doing all the right things, but for the wrong reasons. Perhaps you identify with one of these profiles: the Perfectionist, the Martyr, the People Pleaser, the Caretaker, the Martha Complex, the Stuffer or the Fixer. It turns out, you don’t need to work harder to be a better Christian. It’s as simple as fully recognizing your identity in Christ and inviting Him in to do some supernatural housecleaning!

In John 5:6, Jesus asked a diseased man, “Would you like to get well?”

God longs to heal your hurts, habits and hangups and to clear away the muck you’ve grown far too comfortable with. Chances are, that muck is obscuring your view of God’s true nature, compromising the transformative power of his love, and holding you back from the joy of authentic community.

Milligan and Wood provide 12 Tangible Keys to open the way for Christ to occupy first place in your own heart. Included in each chapter are life-application questions to help you get un-stuck. No matter where you call home, you’ll find comfort, healing, freedom, steadfast love, and a sparkling river of living water when you invite Christ to make your heart His dwelling place.