Mr. Nary

Author: Roo Carmichael


This is a hilariously entertaining book that will keep you laughing (and learning) at the same time.

All works of fiction have two stories—the one inked on the pages inside, and the one of an author who struggled to grow a seedling of an idea into an engaging and coherent novel. Usually readers only get to read the story in the book, never knowing how it came into existence. Mr. Nary: The Story of Grady Thoms is the other kind of account.

Grady Thoms is a naive camping-gear salesman. In aspiring to complete a serious novel, Grady hounds the chief of a small publishing house for professional advice. Publisher Bill Williams and his associates find Grady’s manuscript submissions utterly laughable and ridiculous . . . yet surprisingly marketable. Roo Carmichael’s writing style is a witty, funny cross between Garrison Keillor and Dave Barry.