Navigating True North

ISBN: 9781632695581

Author: Natalie Dee Latzka, JD


My Journey from Blind Faith to Bold Faith

In the uncertainty of today’s world, many feel lost, often leading to anxiety, depression, and hopelessness. Attorney Natalie Dee Latzka knows this feeling well.

When life got difficult, Latzka begged God to help her. His deafening silence left her doubting the faith she had been promised would protect her and intellectually questioning everything she once believed.

As an attorney, Latzka understood the importance of evidence, yet it had become painfully apparent she had somehow accepted blind faith. Despite being raised Christian, she could barely articulate what she believed, much less provide evidence for why she believed it.

Lost and determined to find direction, she set out on a journey searching for answers to difficult questions:

  • Is there evidence that God exists?
  • Who is God?
  • What does God want from me?

Readers are invited to along on Laztzka’s journey from blind faith to evidenced-based bold faith—to examine and weigh the evidence for themselves.

Author Bio:

As a self-proclaimed adventure junkie, Natalie Dee Latzka has undertaken many challenging journeys, but they were nothing compared to her journey to find “true north.” Graduating from law school at the age of twenty-four, she thought she had positioned herself for success. Instead, she found herself a single mother, bankrupt and questioning her faith in God. A career research attorney, she fought her way back doing what she does best. She set out to find evidence for the existence and identity of God. Her seven-year journey led her from blind faith to bold faith and life filled with the purpose, meaning, and significance she had always longed to find. Today, Natalie and her fiancé, Scott, are finding new adventures together, leaving behind corporate careers to start their own contracting business and build a future for their new blended family.

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