Never a Child, Yet Always Cherished

Never a Child, Yet Always Cherished cover
ISBN: 9781940269948

Author: Victoria Fink & Dixie Phillips


Victoria Fink was born in a Salvation Army home for unwed mothers. Weeks later, she was sent to live with her aunt’s family of six. Before she turned three, her newly married mother abruptly took her back from her aunt’s stable home. A few years later, her mother was divorced and preparing to marry yet again.

When Victoria was seven, she and her emotionally distant mother moved to a farm to live with her new stepfather. He began sexually abusing her almost immediately. Victoria built an emotional wall around herself to survive nine years of abuse. Even after she was married and physically free from her stepfather’s abuse, the wall remained. In the years to come, God dismantled this wall brick by brick, exchanging her rejection, anger, and confusion for hope, compassion, and understanding.

Victoria’s wall is gone, and her voice is free. Now, she tells her story to encourage others who have survived the pain and shame of sexual abuse. She shares how God redeemed her pain and made her whole again, and she encourages other survivors to trust the Father’s heart, because in Christ, they too can find not only healing, but abundant life.

Author Bios

Victoria Fink cofounded Iowa Abundant Life Ministries, Inc. (ALMs), an organization dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of God by taking the ministry of Jesus to the people. Over the years, she’s developed transitional housing, temporary shelter programs, and storefront missions to aid individuals and families. Victoria and her husband of fifty years served three decades as fulltime pastors, and they continue their service through public speaking and ALMs’s outreach programs. The Finks reside near Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They have two married sons and six grandchildren.

Dixie Phillips is a Dove Award winning songwriter, children’s author, and writer. Married for nearly four decades, Dixie and her husband, Paul, have been honored to serve the congregation of the Gospel Lighthouse Church in Floyd, Iowa for most of that time. The couple has four grown children and ten “perfect” grandchildren. Dixie’s favorite pastime is counting her blessings and throwing tea parties for Jesus with her girlfriends. Learn more about Dixie at

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