Not by Ignorance

ISBN: 9781632695611

Author: Frank W. R. Benoit


An Explanation of Cessationism

Most books out there come from a non-cessationist position and few from the cessationist position. Many of the cessationist ones are written at a very technical level only within the reach of scholars or seminary-trained persons, or they are focused on stirring up the debate instead of clarifying it. For that reason, this is not a study just for academicians, theologians, or scholars; those studies are already out there. This book serves to clearly help the average believer to understand the cessationist position.

Author Bio:

Dr. Frank W.R. Benoit (D.Min. Dallas Theological Seminary), pastor, missionary, and seminary professor for 36 years, resides in Spain with his wife and children.


This book is intentionally designed for the average Christian reader. However, it will also be profitable for those who have theological training. . . . It is clarifying or explanatory rather than argumentative. I recommend this book for anyone, but particularly for those who are wondering about this very issue.

—Dr. Thomas R. Edgar, Distinguished Professor of New Testament

(Retired), Capital Bible Seminary; author of Satisfied with the Promise of the Spirit


Frank Benoit’s investigation clears up the historical errors that have labeled cessationism, . . . and it raises—with humility, respect, and always seeking a scriptural foundation—a solid argument that justifies the doctrine of cessationism.

—Jesús Caramés Tenreiro,

Director of the Theological Seminary of the Assemblies of God, Cordoba, Spain


“Not by Ignorance was a fascinating read. Thanks to Frank Benoit for all his work. I’ve heard many of the New Testament issues debated over the years. I’m not sure I had ever thought of the Old Testament as having much to say on the issue, so that was stimulating. I really enjoyed the church-history overview, where he did an excellent job.”

—Thomas Blanchard, M.Div., TEAM Missionary-France (retired)

Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew (retired),

Institut biblique de Genève, Switzerland


In a world full of confusion about the gifts of the Holy Spirit, this book gives clarity and confidence. It is the best book I have read on this important topic.”

—Dr. J. Ron Blue, (retired) Dallas Theological Seminary



The Spanish version of this book is also available here.

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