ISBN: 9781632694928

Author: Jim Muir


A Daily Collection of Wit and Wisdom Wrapped in an Attitude of Gratitude

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Every person, regardless of who they are or where they live, goes through difficult times. But it’s what we do with those difficult times that shows our character and resolve and determines the roads we choose in life. Offerings is a yearlong guide to help deal with the inevitable adversity in life.

Signs of struggle are all around us, and negativity is not hard to come by. Everyone needs hope, and Offerings provides that hope, one day at a time, all year long. It only takes a few minutes to read each offering, and there is one for each day of the year, allowing the reader to start each new day with a positive outlook on life.

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Author Bio

Jim Muir is a graduate of Rend Lake College and has work history in coal mining, newspaper, radio, and public service that spans more than 45 years. He was elected in 2016 as Franklin County Circuit Clerk. Jim and his wife, Lisa Kay, reside in Sesser, IL. They have six children and eleven grandchildren.

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