A Pocketful of Seeds

A Pocketful of Seeds cover
ISBN: 9781940269993

Author: Debbie Johnson



You can change the world.

Is that a naive idea? Maybe—but maybe not. Each person has a “pocketful of seeds” to plant for positive change. Christians, especially, are empowered and called by God to make a difference. In A Pocketful of Seeds, author and social-change agent Debbie Johnson issues a challenge to herself and her readers: let’s sow “seeds” into the world every day for a year and see how we—and the world—are changed.

A Pocketful of Seeds isn’t just a devotional; it’s a collection of inspiration and ideas for world changers. And it’s not just for established Mother Teresas or Nelson Mandelas, but for everyday people who itch to break free and make an impact—a real impact.

Each entry combines a compelling story with an action—a seed to be sown that day, like hanging out with someone of a different socioeconomic group or calling an elderly friend or making a microloan. Some daily seeds will fill you with delight, and some will call for sacrifice. All will make the world a better place, because one thing is definitely true: when seeds are sown, life happens.

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Author Bio

Debbie Johnson has a passion for changing lives. In 1995, she founded DenverWorks to equip the unemployed in her community. She led the organization for ten years before she left to serve first as the VP of Programs at Dalit Freedom Network, then as the Executive Director of India Transformed. She finally visited the Taj Mahal after seven trips to India’s slums. In 2015, she returned to DenverWorks.

Debbie grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas. She obtained a master’s in music education from Ouachita Baptist University, which has little to do with her social work, except that Beethoven and jazz ensembles are good for the soul. She and her husband live on a farm by the Rocky Mountains. Debbie loves picking vegetables from their garden and fixing good ol’ Southern meals for her family and friends.

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