Pursuing a First-Class Marriage

ISBN: 9781940269740

Author: Michael Thiessen


Finding the One Without Trying Many

When you’re young, life can be like a travel adventure—everything is new and exciting. And hopefully, the trip takes you somewhere good. The same could be said for the excitement of dating, which can lead a young person to find a spouse that is “first class”—God’s best for them in every way. But how does that happen? Young adults may be tempted to look for their one true love by dating early, or dating too many people. It can be easy to go along with the current model of casual hookups, or living together before marriage. And too many young adults finally arrive at marriage hurt, frustrated, and afraid to trust.

Michael Thiessen began outlining this book as he took the night shift in the hospital beside his two-year-old son, Gabriel, who was receiving chemotherapy for cancer. In this difficult place, he realized how much he loved his wife, and he and Sarah would often say to each other, “I can’t imagine going through this without you.” Thankfully, their son recovered, but later, Michael reflected on the power of their committed, Christ-centered marriage and was struck by its profound influence and strength.

In Pursuing a First-Class Marriage, Michael shares godly and practical principles for young adults who are either just beginning to date, or who are ready to pursue a first-class marriage—one that will hold them and their families throughout life’s often unexpected adventures.

“Our modern-day obsession with “instant gratification” is mass producing a society marked by personal self-absorption and relational brokenness. Michael Thiessen convincingly shows how friendship, commitment, and sex suffer as a result. With relevant honesty, biblical application and keen pastoral insight Michael has written a powerful guide for young people, parents, and spiritual leaders. This book is your invitation to experience the resurgence of happy marriages, blissful friendships, and healthy families. “–Daniel Henderson, president and founder of Strategic Renewal, author of Fresh Encounters

Author Bio

Michael David Thiessen graduated from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2002 with an MA in religion. Michael served as a college and adult ministries pastor for the next seven years near Toronto. After this, he and his family served in Mozambique, Africa, as missionaries. Their time in Africa lasted for only one year as Michael and Sarah had to return to Canada because one of their sons was diagnosed with cancer. While they were in the hospital with their son, God drew Michael and Sarah so close together that Michael became awakened to write about dating, marriage, and family. Mike now serves as senior pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Alliston, Ontario, Canada.

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