Rapture: Delayed?

ISBN: 978-1937756741

Author: Craig Plants


The rapture is one of the greatest mysteries of the Bible—a dramatic prophecy that could be fulfilled at any moment, without warning. Within the evangelical church today, many teach that the rapture of the church by Jesus Christ will take place before the start of the great tribulation. But what if that teaching is wrong? What if the rapture comes later?

Craig Plants visits a concept rarely taught or acknowledged by the church. In Rapture: Delayed?, Plants shares his interpretation of events preceding Christ’s return and references a multitude of scripture, while following a chronological timeline of the end times and the return of Christ as outlined in the Bible. Included are the signs of Christ’s return, the rise of antichrist, his mark, exploration of a plausible example of a strong delusion as described in 2 Thessalonians that will trick multitudes into worshipping the antichrist, the difficult topic of children during the end times, the segregation and protection of the Jewish nation, and, finally, the timeline for the end.