Reclaiming Heaven’s Covenant

Author: Randy R. Butler


He won’t be texting you, or sending you an email, and you won’t find Him on Facebook or any other social network for that matter. So, where IS God when you need Him the most? Author Randy Butler asked himself that exact question after the sudden death of his sixteen year old son. When Randy finally became silent, God began to answer all the questions in the pages of his soul. He tells us, “It was in my silence that God answered me. Yet He gave me much more than answers, He gave me Himself.”

With a foreword by bestselling author Randy Alcorn, Reclaiming Heaven’s Covenant teaches you to connect with God and others in a way that will affect your marriage, how you raise your children, your job, finances and more. It’s a book on developing healthy, long-lasting, loving, interpersonal relationships that connects heaven with earth just short of death. The bridge between the two is a covenant renewal model that if properly applied can positively impact all areas of your personal life. Butler gives us the model that in use, will sharply curtail divorce as we know it. And, it even works within politics!

“In Reclaiming Heaven’s Covenant Randy opens God’s Word and lets us in on his life journey. He is honest, wise, and true to Scripture. He emphasizes genuine relationship, and doesn’t reduce the Christian life to principles. Rather, he focuses on knowing God personally and walking with Jesus. I’m a better person for knowing Randy Butler and I think you will be too.”
– Randy Alcorn, Author of “Heaven” and “If God is Good”

In an age when our worldly culture is distancing itself from interpersonal relationships and is trending instead toward electronic relationships, Butler shares this model that connects us all together in a better technology; one that is out of this world!