Restless For More

Restless for More cover
ISBN: 9781940269887

Author: Heidi McLaughlin


Fulfillment in Unexpected Places

Ever feel restless, knowing there’s more to life? Ever wonder why your plate is full, yet your soul is still empty, even as you search for more?

Soul cravings. Respected author and speaker Heidi McLaughlin reminds us that we all have them, and all of us are driven in some way to find life’s greatest meaning and ultimate joy. God has designed us to feel pleasure, passion, and intimacy. But if our deepest longings are misguided, they can bankrupt our souls, fracture relationships, and max out our credit cards as we search for more.

Restless for More is a book for our time, as we are bombarded with media that tells us we can do whatever it takes to make us feel good. But contrary to the world’s view, we don’t find our deepest fulfillment through more pursuits; we find fulfillment through an intimate, loving relationship with God and walking out the biblical “one another” principles through connecting with God and through healthy and loving connections.

How can this contrarian belief possibly be the answer to our endless pursuits? Restless for More will help you…

  • radically re-shift your thinking
  • remind you that you are not alone in feeling restless
  • realize that indeed, there is more to life
  • find clear direction from God’s Word on how to apply the biblical principles
  • find fulfillment in unexpected places

This wise and helpful book by Heidi McLaughlin offers inspirational stories from individuals who have lived out these principles. Includes a study guide, for individuals and groups to dig deeper.

Author Bio

For over two decades, Heidi McLaughlin, international speaker and author of five books, has been teaching people how to find fulfillment through their relationship with God and each other. This passion emerged through her personal discovery of how God’s love heals and restores all our brokenness. Heidi empowers women through teaching Bible studies, speaking at conferences and retreats, mentoring and writing. Heidi and her husband, Pastor Jack McLaughlin, live in the beautiful vineyards of West Kelowna, British Columbia and have a blended family of five children and nine grandchildren. Heidi’s great joy is executing a long putt on the golf course, spending time with her grandchildren, and laughing with her husband and friends.

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