Rethinking Rest

ISBN: 9781632695932

Author: Gregory D. Hall


Why Our Approach to Sabbath Isn’t Working

Today’s concept of biblical rest… isn’t working. Our numerous discussions about “which day” and “how” the seventh-day sabbath should be observed have distracted, confused, and caused apathy within an entire generation of believers. But biblical rest is dramatically different than most suppose. Dr. Gregory D. Hall explains how we went off course and offers fresh insight into the original intent of sabbath rest.

Have you abandoned the sabbath? Do you feel disenfranchised with the practices of the modern Church? Are you willing to rethink what you thought you already knew? This book will challenge you to expand your scope and reengage the topic in new ways. Its simple practicality is a breath of fresh air for what has become a stagnant discussion along party lines.


Author Bio

Gregory D. Hall is a husband to his high-school sweetheart and father to two fine young men. He hosts the Rethinking Scripture Podcast (and, where he challenges listeners to rethink what they thought they already knew about the Bible. He’s been a college athlete, public school teacher, real estate broker, triathlete, small-business owner, pastor, tour leader to Israel, and university professor. This medley of life experiences has meshed nicely with Greg’s biblical training (MA in Theological Studies and Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Preaching and Teaching), producing a unique perspective on some of life’s most important themes. Greg lives in the Pacific Northwest. He teaches whenever he can, enjoys swimming laps, and doesn’t spend enough time at the Oregon coast.



“Hall provides a wonderful exploration of a question at the heart of the biblical story—what does it look like for the world, and humanity, to be at rest?”

—Jon Collins, Cofounder, BibleProject


“Our contemporary culture has no idea what it means to experience the rest God intended. What’s even more tragic is this — Christians have also lost their way. Gregory Hall invites us to rethink the meaning of ‘Sabbath rest.’ He rightly contends that God offers us something far beyond a lazy Sunday in a hammock. This book delivers a robust and fully developed biblical concept of the rest God intended for his children. The truths are not only profound, but they are also life-changing and full of grace.”

—Morris Dirks, Founder and Executive Director, SoulFormation 


“We live in a tired world. What people really need is a clear understanding of true rest. Hall offers this clarity by relating the Bible’s ancient Near Eastern context to the biblical story. Then he helps us practically apply Jesus’s offer of rest to our modern context. Many teachers write about sabbath today, but this work stands alone as truly unique in its approach and application.”

—Chip Bennett, Lead Pastor, Grace Community Church, Sarasota, Florida


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