Roice and the Red Cape

ISBN: 9781632695963

Author: Alexandra Aleece


Bring home sweet lessons about belonging and togetherness with this enchanting bedtime picture book about the red cat named Roice and his heroic dream adventures!

Roice and the Red Cape is a magical adventure that teaches the importance of family, second chances, and the adventure that awaits us each time we sleep. Reading this book will take you on a journey with the red cat named Roice who becomes a hero in his dreams after he falls asleep on a child’s cape. Throughout his day as a superhero, Roice discovers the power of dreams, imagination, and compassion.

A surefire bedtime story and a wonderful read-aloud, Roice and the Red Cape will be a welcome lesson for children about the importance of compassion, discovering the strengths in themselves and others, and supportive family and friends. Roice’s adventures will inspire children to look forward to bedtime and the power of dreaming.

Retail Price: $19.99