Rx for Grief

ISBN: 9781632695505

Author: Jane Amelia Smith


Hope Through God’s Truth

Jane Amelia Smith’s third published book gives us a look at who she is and how she responded to the deaths of the four people dearest to her.

While she is no stranger to death on a professional level, Jane experienced an all-consuming grief following the deaths of her own dear loved ones. In response, Jane began a search for truth. Eventually, she turned to reading the Holy Bible, as well as books pertaining to quantum physics and NDEs (near-death experiences). This reading confirmed her long-standing belief that theology and science affirm one another. She emerged from her search with a new appreciation for God’s awesome wonder, as evidenced through every aspect of His creation, from the earthly home He prepared for us to the microscopic particles we are made from as identified through quantum physics. God has a plan for both our living and our dying. Her research became an adventure of a lifetime—an adventure she would like to share with all other terminally mortal beings.


Ultimately, Jane Amelia Smith concludes, “O death, where is your victory?” 1 Corinthians 15:5

Author Bio:

Jane Amelia Smith worked briefly as a Registered Nurse, and served as a reservist in the Army Nurse Corps. She earned her MA degree in health education from New York University and worked in Health Promotion for forty-five years. Many years after the unexpected death of her first husband, Jane met her current husband Roger. Together they share daily devotions and the many joys of living in Lexington, Virginia. Jane has worked in the capacity of a Stephen Minister and believes adamantly that she is living proof that God has a plan for everyone, even after the devastating loss of a loved one.


What a blessing this book is to all who are grieving the loss of a loved one or pondering their own passing. Jane Amelia Smith’s own experience of grief led her on a quest to understand what lies on the other side of the thin line between life and death. Within Rx for Grief: Hope through God’s Truth, she shares her travel journal with readers, so to speak. After presenting concise summaries of the major world religions’ beliefs and teachings on the afterlife, Jane turns to a fascinating examination of near death experiences (NDEs) and what they can tell us about life beyond death. I found the sections on quantum physics gripping and believe the author has made a compelling case for the compatibility of new advances in physics and the Christian belief in the afterlife.


Scott Philip Stewart, Ph.D.


Jane Amelia Smith has written a wonderfully comprehensive, pleasing explanation of the gospel.  Compelled by the death of four very significant loved-ones, and the inescapable reality that life ends in death, Jane searched, studied, and re-discovered the hope and comfort found in the gospel. Having given studious attention to multiple resources, she has provided honest, fair observations and drawn conclusive evidence that builds to defeat doubt. This is so rightly written for the inquisitive skeptic who may be curious enough to consider the possibility of life after death, the existence of God, and the person of Jesus Christ. I picked up this book and read it straight through, and became increasing excited as Jane provided more and more substance and greater assurance for her proclamation of the gospel.  I am so eager to share Rx for Grief: Hope through God’s Truth with an audience awaiting a reason to believe!”

CH (COL) Jim Park, USAR, (Ret.)

Institute Chaplain (Ret.)

Virginia Military Institute


This book offers a fresh look into the concept of death, grief, and the journey toward faith. Whether you are an atheist, someone on the fence about faith, or someone who wants to be ready with an answer for their faith, this book pulls together several lines of thought from various religions, science, and theology into a thoughtful defense of the Christian faith. Rx for Grief: Hope through God’s Truth is an encouraging reminder that earthly death is not the end.


Patricia V. Cunningham, Ph.D. in Immunology

UC Berkeley; Colson Fellow


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