Sacred Strands

ISBN: 9781632695192

Author: Lois Clymer


Christianity did not begin in Bethlehem. The sacred promise of a redeemer was known to ancient people. We can find it written not only in Genesis of the Bible but also in the early constellations and myths of ancient people. We also find it among artifacts and early worship practices. 

We can see that Christianity was not borrowed from pagan myths and mysteries, but rather those myths and mysteries contain a knowledge (though imperfect) of a redeemer known from the earliest ages. This knowledge has flowed from the very beginning of history.

“Sacred Strands is akin to studying the fine details of a beautiful tapestry.  Lois Clymer shows how the many strands of history, science, astronomy, and more, are interconnected with the biblical account of redemption.   Each strand, in its own way, points to the masterful design and handiwork of the master weaver.  This book is both an easy read and also one that will fill the reader with wonder and whet the appetite for further study.”  —Pennsylvania State Representative Brett R. Miller

“In an age when we reject traditions and the wisdom of the ages, Lois Clymer reminds us that great truths – indeed even a nugget of the greatest truth – were passed down and confirmed through many ancient traditions. The rediscovery of these ancient truths preserved through millennia inspires the imagination and reignites our wonder for our God.” —Randall L. Wenger, Chief Counsel, Pennsylvania Family Institute

“Lois Clymer has wonderfully traced God’s fingerprints, all of which demonstrate and lead to His great act of redemption at the cross. Sacred Strands enlarges both our knowledge and faith.” —Dr. Ron Susek, President: Susek Evangelistic Association and Founder of FaithWalk

Author Bio:

Lois Clymer, RN, BS, researcher and writer from Millersville, PA, delights in finding the God of the Bible in unusual places throughout history.

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