ISBN: 9781632695666

Author: Wendy Delcourt


Moving Toward God’s Perspective

Uncover the power in YOUR story.

Everyone has a story—and every story has powerful potential within.

Wendy Delcourt uses the platforms of teaching, storytelling, expressive arts, and leadership coaching, as she inspires her fellow sojourners to discover more of their own powerful stories of deepening faith opportunities, witnessing to the quality and range of God’s wonderful plan for their unique lives.  Throughout her book, Wendy invites you into a posture of trust, considering the moments in life that require a sincere belief in a miracle-working God who has a far greater scope of our unique potential than we could ever humanly grasp.  Within her book, Wendy also packages a process for shaping your moments into powerful stories to share within your circle of influence; much like creating your memoirs of spiritual awakening and renewal.

Shift: Moving Toward God’s Perspective includes an interactive workbook for processing your own story with Wendy’s coaching and guidance.


Author Bio

Wendy resides with her husband of twenty-five years, Grant (Deli), two daughters, Hannah and Madison, and her furry son Tucker in the pristine Okanagan Valley of Kelowna, BC.


With her positive energy, talents, and passions, you will find Wendy immersed in creative ways to build a thriving and healthy team atmosphere at Delcourt Advisory Group and its surrounding community.


Outside of her work with Delcourt Advisory Group, Wendy is a teacher, motivational speaker, author, and community connector.  She spends much of her time working with exploited women, victim to human trafficking, abuse, and marginalized circumstances.  Many of the women suffer from mental health challenges and addictions.  Wendy helps to equip and resource these women to sustain healthy recovery and move on to independent and thriving livelihoods.


Wendy has recently earned the name “Potentialist,” as her life’s passion and work has always been invested in developing people to meet their personal best in life. There is nothing more exciting for her than to be instrumental in life-long learning communities that develop the whole person.


If Wendy isn’t putting her efforts into building stronger teams and communities, you will find her splashing ridiculous amounts of paint onto a canvas, writing stories, traveling the world, hosting family and friends, enjoying Pilates and long nature hikes, bikes, and swims.  One of her recent goals is to do a voice audition for an animated film with her daughter Hannah.


“If you can imagine a benevolent, whirling weather system, that pulls you into its passionate embrace, that is Wendy! With irresistible and charismatic velocity, Wendy captivates those in her path, with her skilled use of storytelling. Time spent soaking in her generous  stream of guidance, encourages and empowers fellow sojourners to rekindle or create anew, stories of their own.”

-Heather Parlane, artist, poet and co-founder of “The South Art Project,” a community of meaningful connection, fuelled by the power of the Expressive Arts, Kelowna, BC.


“Wendy’s teaching on strengths and leadership is a valued and memorable class with our students.  Our young adults grow more equipped with insight and understanding of their spiritual gifts and unique strengths.  These are often discovered through sharing personal experiences and shaping opportunities in their lives.  I am confident the students will implement the teaching and learning of these principals when leading others throughout their educational experiences, impactful relationships and life careers.” 

-Michelle Collins, “Pursuit School” Coordinator, Kelowna, BC.


“Weird and wonder-filled Wendy!  She has the ability to light up a room and instantaneously make everyone in it feel loved, like you’ve just been given a warm hug.  Wendy is a powerful teacher, encourager and cheerleader who unhesitantly believes in God’s best for all those she meets.  What I admire about Wendy is that she walks the walk with a buoyant, godly stride in all areas of her life.”  She is deeply loved! 

-Vivian Bonin, artisan friend and “Journey” sister, Kelowna, BC.


“I have the joy of regularly witnessing the light and warmth that Wendy brings to people’s lives. She simply fills the room with her energy, resolute belief and love for people, life and Jesus. Wendy’s amazing story not only spurs us on; it confirms that Godly compassion and strength are most perfectly formed and forged in fire.”

-Glen Madden, lead Pastor of Willow Park Church South, Kelowna, BC.



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