Shotgun Rider

Shotgun Rider
ISBN: 978-1940269399

Author: Douglas Brown


Restoring Passion for the Ministry Trail

Shotgun Rider is for every church staffer who’s not in the driver’s seat. Though the ministry ride begins with a spiritual and emotional high riders soon discover there are valleys as well. Shotgun Rider is about thriving, about being at peace in the 2nd seat (or the 42nd seat). With an honest and sometimes raw look at the state of ministry life K. Douglas Brown helps riders find their way back, guiding them in rediscovering a love and passion for the ride.
Without question those serving in non-lead and support roles face numerous challenges and often find themselves in discouraging work environments. Drawing on over two decades of rich ministry experience, K. Douglas Brown inspires and empowers those in the shotgun seat. With care he illuminates a path back toward personal vitality and passionate love for the ride.

Shotgun Rider is chock full of how-to advice for handling conflict from the seemingly smallest concerns to the greatest issues of staff and church division. K. Douglas Brown takes a raw look at leadership failures and even walks through his experience of getting fired. With keen insight, he shows how to invite God’s heart into conflict.

Shotgun Rider challenges riders to own the Great Commission as their goal, and compels them to the task of shepherding followers, with an impassioned plea to lead them, love them, and build them. It makes plain the need for personal maintenance setting riders up for successful long-term ministry.

In October 2017,  K. Douglass Brown was asked to participate in a Key Life Pastors’ Chat. Click here to listen to his broadcasted talk with Steve Brown and Key Life pastors Zach Van Dyke and Kevin Labby about his book and overcoming disillusionment in ministry. 

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